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        Visited Makro Heraklion some changes

        It had been awhile since I had been to Makro Heraklion but on a recent visit noticed it had made some changes. Firstly however the fresh/frozen fish section was as good as ever especially for the Rainbow Trout. The price was good (€3.50 for two).

        The selection of chilled meat cuts in the "cooler room" was impressive and again at competitive prices (including when you add 13% VAT). There were more cuts of New Zealand Frozen Lamb and game such as Rabbits and Quail – something for a special occasion.

        One of the store changes I noticed was the introduction of Bulgarian products (not fresh produce). Apart from the fact most of the main product labelling was in Bulgarian (Russian/Cyrillic script) the prices were most reasonable.

        It so happens I noticed that Quinine had been dropped from many of the well known brands of Tonic Water canned drinks. But lo and behold there was a Bulgarian brand with a tonic water containing Quinine in a plastic bottle at 20+ euro cents only. Mind you it was in plastic wrap and needed to be bought in bulk (of course, discounted – part of Makro policy).

        The reason I mention this is that  in another thread the discussion mentioned that most Tonic water brands no longer include Quinine was brought up and the person posting likes Tonic Water with Quinine for its health benefits.

        I happen to like it as a nice booster drink as part of a cooling G+T late afternoon!

        Makro still has the useful "day pass" policy that if you have a card from UK Makro or elsewhere you get the day pass. Or just try to ask for a day pass. It can also work.


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