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        Hello everyone. Would love to hear from anyone who may be able to shed light on my current dilemma. Thanks.

        In 1997 I came to Heraklion aged 35. After a short spell without work I took a position at Crete University as a designer. Two years later I moved into teaching and never looked back. I was having some of the best experiences of my life and Cretan life far exceeded my expectations.

        In 2003, keen to secure my future, I decided to return to the UK. I had a 5 year plan:

        1. Buy a flat.
        2. Sit and watch the equity grow.
        3. Sell and make a quick return.

        Money in hand, I would return to Crete, invest in a plot or mortgage, realise my dream and live happily ever after.

        By 2007, the value of the property had increased by £20,000 GBP. But, as with all the best laid plans things did not go as intended. The market dipped, slumped, withered and died. I hung on in vain hope that things may pick up but alas, the bubble had well and trully burst and now the flat is worth little more than what I’d paid. The flat is now rented and I obtain a small yield and all I can do for now is wait and cross my fingers.

        I have decided to return to Crete and continue where I left off and I’m in the progress of selling and / or packing up my things. I realise Greece is on her back and only an fool would jump aboard a sinking ship. But I am at least wise enough to know that life won’t be as good as it was. But it also proves my my reasons for moving are genuine and born of a love for the Cretan way of life, warts and all.

        So why the post? Well, I had intended to go back to the capital as I have some friends there and know/knew the area well. But, last year,while on holiday in Georgopolis, I discovered Apokoronas and was taken in by the area and the welcome I recieved from the expat community. I made friends with a great couple from Essex living in Draponas and soon found myself toying with the idea of a life outside of the hustle and bustle of Heraklion.

        Heraklion is a large, busy town littered with fronistiria but that is offset by the countless native English speakers all trying to find work there. What I would dearly love to know is, what are the prospects and opportunities for single, middle-aged wannabe language school teachers in Apokoronas?

        Failing that, I am a versatile individual, ready to adapt to any given situation. I have several obvious transferable skills and speak Greek to an intermediate level. In spite of the current situation, would it be possible to find work within expat community?

        Maybe I should be brave and take the plunge but times are difficult for all and perhaps playing safe would be the best option. Please tell me what you think.

        I would be most grateful for any response from those who may be able to help or that may offer me the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

        Many, many thanks in advance.

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