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        #Vamos – Market Day

        Being asked when is market day in Vamos?
        Anyone can help please?

        What is the best time to visit?

        Many thanks


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            There is NO market day in Vamos. There is a craft "market" in the Xasomeri cafe on one Saturday per month. To find out which, you need to be on the Kalamitsi Arts Group (KAG) e-mailing list. (Sorry, I don’t have a copy of the email handy.)
            See map at https://sites.google.com/a/madeinspoon.com/amygdali/home/vamos-venues

            There’s a Good Friday farmer’s market in nearby Vrises, which occasionally takes place on other days, too.

            When the new Apokoronas Mayor’s party takes over in September, we are hoping that information about markets etc. will finally be published, frequently, on the council web site. The incumbents have not been interested in fulfilling this obligation (or many others, it seems). We are also hopeful that markets will be more frequent. All it takes is a little organising.

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