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        This is from Bob, who writes:

        I have been reading a very interesting book called Future Crimes: Everything Is Connected, Everything is Vulnerable, and What You Can Do About It. An interesting and troubling read.

        An example: Facebook alone has fifty different privacy settings with 170 options, well beyond the understanding of the average human being, and that’s the point. Even if you did spend the hours it might take to customize the privacy options to your liking, (and here comes the kicker) any updates by Facebook to its Terms of Service automatically put all users back to the default settings, which are the maximum level of openness (so it can sell more its product – you – to its actual customers, advertisers).

        Items covered in a later chapter of this book sent me on a hunt through the Privacy settings in my iPhone 6.

        Among the choices in the very next screen after tapping on Settings > Privacy is Microphone. I was under the mistaken belief that this needed to be turned on for those apps that offered the tiny microphone icon when the keyboard screen appears at the bottom of the iPhone screen, and so had given all the apps that appear on the Microphone screen access to my microphone.

        Wrong: I found this: From iOS 7 and up Apps can have access to the microphone on your iPhone. This mean that they can "listen" to what’s being said around you and potentially record it. This is great for an audio note-taking app, but also has some security risks. Control what apps can use your microphone by moving the slider next to each app to green (on) or white (off).

        And even this is not totally correct as, using Apple Notes and with no apps allowed access to the iPhone, I was still able to use the microphone when record a new note

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