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About Us

About Us

We are a British website for Brits + Others who wish to Make Crete Their Home

Since 2005, our Crete Community Forum has been a useful information tool to help those from UK to pursue their dream to live on a Greek Island based on shared experiences. What has been so impressive has been the amazing cooperation of those Brits who have settled down on a Greek Island, having and sharing what they went through.

In the first decade of the 21st century, Crete and Greece experienced the high of the 2004 Olympic Games. It was during this time that the influx of those from the British Isles who wanted to have a place in the sun was in full swing.

BritsinCrete has been online all this period right up to today.

Now we are in the period of a post Brexit Britain  and converting to digital residence permits, of the biometric variety. The good life continues.

The sun continues to shine for most days in the year. This is the image of Greece everyone knows along with the hospitality of the Greeks themselves. We Brits should be so thankful that we are very welcome in this land of Homer and the ancient Greeks. Join us, review our websites. Come back often.



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