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Pandering to the Search Bots on BritsinCrete  

cgi-bin/bicforum/, no longer works. It formed part of the old website.  We apologise. Today to find us on the Internet, intending visitors only use the URL: . Old cookies in a visitor’s browser must be deleted also.

Running a website these days has become very difficult for the individual who operates as a website owner and general dogsbody handling everything. In fact to run a half decent site, it takes the need for technical support of at least another person to handle the technical stuff, in my experience.

The technical skills needed have moved to a very advanced stage. This progress has happened in a short space of time. In fact, less than 10 years.

Youngsters today of course are keen to learn and challenge their own technical knowledge. For the older generations, this is much more difficult task to adapt to ever changing technologies.

Perhaps it would be better if the content of websites was taken as a greater value than the search engine optimisation that is in place to ensure the search bots do their job. In my eyes the bots task is to give huge weight to an advanced fully optimised site, yet may be light on giving the better weighting to editorial substance. This situation weighs heavily on the small site owners who simply cannot keep up with the editorial output from large organisations too.

How can we pander, as small website owners to the large organisations that are our Internet masters. Anyway, this is a way to say, we forge ahead with technical help and indeed adopt latest technology. That is why we had to move from a community forum based on the YaBB content platform and therefore have to drop the URL sequence /cgi-bin/bicforum/ . We are upgrading our information-based, website, also. There we have stayed with the content management system in situe, which is joomla, hoping to avoid some of the pitfalls in upgrading the YaBB forum to WordPress (WP).



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