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Reply To: Post-Brexit Resident Rights – At Last, a Definitive Document

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      The recent round of visits by staff of the Heraklion Vice Consulate to all four prefectures on Crete during the end of November 2018, re-affirms the document agreed upon in December 2017.

      What came out of those meetings was the lack of understanding on behalf of many Brit residents in Crete of the requirements of having a buff (temporary – 5 year first issued document) or the Blue – permanent status document (issued once at the end of the first five years). All pensioners need a permit. All residence that lasts longer than 3 months for under 65s require a buff residence permit.

      Embassy and consulate staff recommend where it applies that for all Brits residents living in Greece or spending more than 3 months here should convert to the Blue document prior to the UK leaving the EU. If the Buff document is less than 5 years old then wait until it expires and convert to the blue document. It should be that easy to do and cost nothing.



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