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Reply To: Brits in Greece – Paper on Brexit Concerns

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      “Greece will hold a general election on 7/7”

      This is out of date. We now have a right-wing government which, I suspect, is probably working closely with Boris and Donald but keeping it secret so that they don’t upset the EU “presidents” (oligarchs).

      Note: I had no trouble in obtaining a Greek driving licence and I retained my UK licence until the Greek one was ready to post from Athens, at which point I had to hand it in and wait ten days for the arrival of the Greek one. I was given a printed sheet of paper to show the police in case they stopped me. This arrangement allowed me to travel to the UK with my UK licence and hire a car in the meantime.

      As for the rest – meh. Luckily my health is good, I don’t need any drugs and I’ll take it as it comes! I understand that others aren’t so lucky but please bear in mind that there is pressure from the socialists to spread fear and disinformation and the Media provides a willing accomplice. My advice is to throw away your TV set and wait a year. My gut feeling is that all will be well.

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