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Reply To: EHIC Use for Registration Certificate?

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      Welcome. Like everything else in Greece, it depends which police station you go to.

      At the moment, so much is in the air,  What was possible prior to Jan 31, 2020 ‘may’ no longer be the case.

      As with many government situations, the police officer in charge of foreign residents may or may not be sympathetic.

      What I am trying to say is it possible best to wait to know whether the UK leaves with a deal or on World Trade Organisation terms? It is Brussels that is the stumbling block, in my opinion,  as the Greeks would themselves make things as easy as possible for we Brits if they could. They love our contribution to the local Cretan economy and our place in the community.

      A final thought, perhaps a quick email to the British Vice Consulate in Heraklion may help you out:

      The lady in the email is the Vice Consul.

      Tel: +30 2810 224012  eeeee-mail.   Aristea.Chourdaki (at)


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