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Reply To: Coronavirus Update: Greek Government Explains More on Opening Up the Country

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      Someone has contacted me to say the story is confusing. Here is to clarify

      What the Greeks are saying  is that until July 1st, ‘direct flights’ are not operating between UK and Greece. People can leave the UK and get herre through a third country airport. That is OK.

      From the British Government side, I would just like to remind any reader here that the fact is as of today, the UK foreign office continues to advise against all travel abroad unless it is essential and those who return will have to quarantine for 14 days.  So on the one hand if you are planning a trip to one of the EU holiday destinations such as #Crete and want to return to UK, even past July 1, you may have to go into quarantine on return to UK. Even if you are British.

      Remember all EU airports with cross border flights are now being geared up with health security areas with automatic sensing of high temperatures in people, testing equipment and other measures.  Who is to say the UK will change its mind regarding a clearance to fly for any purpose after July 1. Let us just hope it does so and relent.

      If in any doubt, just check the British government website on this very situation, regarding travel in and out of the UK.

      On the Greek side, Britain is now on the list of approved countries to visit Greece. Please remember that ATHENS and THESSALONIKI only can accept flights between now and July 1st. Then the other regional Greek airports will be fully opened. They are all to be equipped with special medical facilities.. Doctors on duty have gone through special ‘emergency’ courses related to current conditions as would apply to the CV-19 pandemic. Reassuring, eh?

      Finally, points to remember if you are coming to Greece between now and July 1st

      – Those flying from airports on a high-risk list will be tested when they land. They will be required to go to a quarantine hotel and self-isolate for seven days if the test comes back negative and 14 days if positive. Tourists coming from airports not on the list will be subject to random testing. Hope that is a better clarification.

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