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Reply To: Coronavirus Update: Greek Government Explains More on Opening Up the Country

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      Beach near Istron, Lassithi, Crete, Copyright BritsinCrete

      Driving in Eastern #Crete these past few days, it is clear the local Cretans are preparing for the full opening up for tourist visitors, come July 1st after all the #Covid-19 distractions. The usual sign of impending influx of tourists is the driving at break neck speed as though there is no tomorrow. This is quite the usual phenomonen here.  Going to a few local beaches we note there are already a few ‘foreigners’ sunbathing and swimming. They who are definitely visitors soaking up the glorious weather. I speculate they came not by air but by a land border crossing, perhaps from Bulgaria. Only #Athens and #Thessaloniki airports are open for flights to and from outside #Greece until July 1st.

      Otherwise those at the beaches, especially at weekends are the local residents. They probably can’t believe their luck that at this point in the summer they have uncrowded #beaches and what was that about practicing social distancing? Not quite necessay at the moment perhaps. Greeks are usually very practical people, in my view. In fact there is a quite a relaxed atmosphere in our area currently.  Most folks visiting local supermarkets don’t seem to want to wear either gloves or face masks since the dreaded #Chinavirus put us all in lockdown. Mind you, the various outlets do not seem overly busy at any given time and people naturally keep their distance, especially the when friends decide to have chat in the middle of the aisle.

      Crete has managed to escape the serious consequences of the so-called ‘pandemic’. In total until late last week there have been just 18 cases for a population of around 180,000 full time residents on Crete. The 19th case is a 23yr old Swedish man working in Chania who was first diagnosed with the coronavirus in Athens but crossed to Chania last week. Chania is a lony wasy from where I live. I often remind visitors that we are a significantly large island. Chania is a 3-4 hour drive from my neck of the woods. Of course there is concern that visitors from all over Europe and other ‘safe’ countries will introduce more cases of the #Chinavirus. Based on statistics to date, Greece by prompt early actions has a low incidence of cases overall. Crete has done exceptionally well, after the Athens Government banned travel from the mainland to the Greek Islands early on.

      Anyway, the weather  is perfect, today it is blue clear skies and while hot, there is a cooling wind, Just what visitors would expect for this time of year. If you are coming, be fit, and get the sunscreen ready, you’ll be needing it.

      B-) B-) B-)

      If you are going to Greece for a visit, there is a new compulsory form to be completed before your arrival. Details here.

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