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Reply To: Is driving with flip flops legal?

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      So it is absolutely not legal to be driving in Greece any motorised form of transport wearing flipflops. If the traffic police were to stop you, there is likely an undesirable outcome.

      Greek Driving Advice for holidaymakers

      If you are coming to #Greece on your dream holidays and are relaxed, don’t get too relaxed and carried away when it comes to driving around…

      And also be careful about any insurance coverage offered by any local Greek car rental agency, whether it is for a car rental, quad bike, a motor bike or moped. If you are driving in Crete for example, in a non enclosed vehicle be sure to wear a helmet. You will not be covered by your accident insurance if your holiday travel insurance finds out you were not wearing an helmet as protective headgear at the time of any mishap.

      More on flip flops and driving in Greece … read the full story


      And don’t whatever you do copy the locals on bikes who seem to flaunt the rules when nipping around town. While the Crete Police tend to focus on highway traffic offences, the local municipal police are also on the look out for offenders. (You know the local authorities need the extra income from traffic fines.

      Sound Familiar? Dont spoil your dream holiday and be informed. :yes:

      Consumer notice: We have no connection with, no do we know the insurance company posting the message above about flip flops and driving. Do your own due diligence.

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