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Reply To: New Member – Advice needed on buying in a Complex?

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      Thank you so much for the advice!!

      Since my last post, we very quickly found out we were to appear on A Place In The Sun – so had to choose a location for them to concentrate on, and we went with Chania.  Having looked around, we’ve decided that this area is probably not for us (quite touristy in the main) and we’re looking for some peace and quiet!!

      We’ve also had a change in circumstances (we were hoping to buy a rental property as well as our own forever home), but we’re now looking to buy a home just for us, to relax and maybe do some part-time work to keep our bank account looking healthy and keep us active…….but the whole Brexit thing is now giving us nightmares!!

      I have looked at a million and one sites and forums, and am getting really confused with the current  rules and regs……..would you be able to confirm if I am right on the below:

      1) AFM Tax number…………to get this I need to have a permanent Cretan address (rental is OK) and this can be applied for from a tax office once we have an address?

      2) Residency………to get this we will need the AFM and an address that will be in our name (rented or bought). Can we apply for residency once we have the address, or do we have to have been at the address for a certain length of time?

      My worry is that we don’t get our residency permit before 31st December, and then everything changes and becomes further complicated with regards to healthcare, income requirements etc (have heard reports of Greek officials stating private healthcare is required as well as proof of €20k income per year!!!!)

      My head is about to explode with all these questions – so any advice would be most welcome. Thank you! :scratch:

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