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Reply To: Hello – Looking to Buy a house with a view to moving to Crete

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      Hello nicola

      So you wish to buy a house in Crete?

      It is good to see you in this forum, welcome.

      I have given a lengthy reply to another recent post about following their dream to come and retire in Crete.

      The essence of my reply was, as a Brit there are only 4 months left before the UK is fully independent from the European Union – #Brexit. The important point is that to gain any true benefit, you have to be resident with a permit before December 31, 2020. The conditions of residency for an EU national and a non-national are simply staggering and difficult for many regular Brits on the basis of the cost of doing so after Brexit. This applies to the whole EU not just Greece. Ireland is the exception due to its links with Britain that are both historical and pre-date the forming of the EU.

      Just to remind you how Crete works administratively.

      There are four prefectures Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Lassithi.

      Life and activities are very much focussed on the one you wish to be in.

      Professionals tend to be most active and knowledgeable of the prefecture they are registered in too.

      What I am trying to explain is that you have to define where you seek to live, and we will then try to suggest possible good estate agents. They too generally specialise in their surrounding area in the prefecture they have their business. Although that is not always the case, especially since the Greek government liberated where professionals can practice and obtain licences, etc several years ago. But traditions and habits die hard.


      By the way, Crete time is not UK time. But be polite and persistent and contact your realtor again. OK?

      Hope that helps in the first instance, as you are retired as well. B-)

      Please see to the posting I am referring to: Registering for Greek Residence

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