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Reply To: New Member – Advice needed on buying in a Complex?

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      Moving to, and Settling in Crete

      Sometimes thinking of the Greek bureaucracy is like asking how long is a piece of string?.
      I say this because all so often you go to one government office in your location and then go to a similar office elsewhere and sometimes the requirements and answers given you seem to be at odds with each other. Conflicting is a good word.

      None the less, the one thing about the Greek approach to a problem may at times seem long winded but they can be very creative at finding solutions. So it is important to persevere with your endeavours.

      To answer your questions, I am sure you have seen the other latest information posted in this forum about Brits getting residencey and buying.

      1) AFM Tax number…………to get this I need to have a permanent Cretan address (rental is OK) and this can be applied for from a tax office once we have an address?

      ANSWER: There is a possible solution. If you have friends here, you can be their house guests. The owner of the property needs to sign a simple document to attest you are his/her guests (ΥΠΕΥΘΥΝΗ ΔΗΛΩΣΗ). The form is attained from a KEP office (Citizens Advice Bureau, in most towns). Then a KEP staff or police station or lawyer or accountant can attest the signature on the form etc. It should cost you nothing except to buy a form. These are usually available in a periptero (street kiosk) for a few euro cents or  the KEP office itself or your accountant lawyer can print it out. It is under Greek National Law 1599/1982 . Get the AFM first. This answer refers to next para #2) below as well.

      2) Residency………to get this we will need the AFM and an address that will be in our name (rented or bought). Can we apply for residency once we have the address, or do we have to have been at the address for a certain length of time?

      ANSWER: At least three months at the address. But there is a possible another way around it too. At the statement in the ΥΠΕΥΘΥΝΗ ΔΗΛΩΣΗ mentioned earlier, add a sentence that it is your intention to stay at the said address to fulfill the three months required to obtain a residence permit. The police office, may or not accept it. But if you make a false declaration this is a document that if you breach your words you are liable and face the legal consequences. NOTE: I am not a lawyer and not making any recommendation(s) but based on my knowledge for fulfilling a problem I had myself, this sufficed to demonstrate that I was a man of my word.

      (3.) My worry is that we don’t get our residency permit before 31st December, and then everything changes and becomes further complicated with regards to healthcare, income requirements etc (have heard reports of Greek officials stating private healthcare is required as well as proof of €20k income per year!!!!)

      ANSWER : To my latest information, in Lassithi prefecture, proof of resources to sustain yourself is set to 4,000 euros per person in a bank account in Greece or elsewhere in the EU on the day you submit your application. That figure is a reduction from an earlier figure set at 4,600 euros. Correct at time of this posting. Healthcare is another subject. 

      Again hope that helps.

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