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      Hello TomCourtney

      Firstly welcome…..

      Your Greek Residency situation is indeed a bit dicey

      On the current 3 month rule you would need to be here NOW to be able to apply for residence in time and allowing for year end holidays. Unless this fact can be waived in the current circumstances – just putting that out there. Explore all options.

      I can imagine the holiday mood in government offices in the last week of December and first week of January which leads up to the big Greek Festival of Epiphany on Jan 6th.

      So, I can only suggest you contact  by phone/e-mail, the British Consulate in Heraklion  to see what they have to say on your situation . Remember we are 2 hrs ahead of UK time. The Consulate people are very helpful in stating the regulations and personal thoughts but cannot give formal advice.  They could direct you to the law firm in UK that is able to help Brits like yourself over handling Brexit issues for UK punters like yourself. The law firm is paid for by the UK Government and is free for Brits to use. It is just I do not have the reference to hand.

      We at Brits in Crete wish you well…





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