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Reply To: How to get a mobile router for internet in crete please?

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      Hello HoneNathan

      Welcome to the board.

      Vodafone Greece Mobile Router

      There is no operational link  for consumers between Vodafone in UK and Vodafone Greece. I find the latter efficient and most of their front line customer service staff manning the hotlines speak excellent English. When they dont, they usually pass a customer along to someone who is conversant. That is my experience anyway.

      I am sure you have visited website but if not, it is a straight forward site to follow, design wise and to navigate your way around.

      So, Vodafone offers the “fixed line” packages and the “mobile” packages. Comparing the two choices is easy on their website.

      Vodafone Greece Mobile: Vodafone Giga WiFi on the spot Offer

      Here is the possible solution you seek. What you are really looking for is the #Vodafone Giga WiFi on the spot package.

      You will not need to go elsewhere to buy any router. Vodafone supplies the necessary equipment.

      See details of Giga Wifi here, including a live online chat line and contact phone details

      According to the package offers:

      • – WiFi wherever you are, in the cottage, on the terrace, on the beach, without monthly fee & a fixed line .
      • – All you need is the Giga WiFi SIM card on the spot, to activate the Giga Boost package that suits you, whenever you want.
      • – Share your Giga Boost package with up to 10 devices at the same time. Get the 4G WiFi device and take your experience to the next level!

      Tips for choosing the fixed line Vodafone Internet service

      • – get the actual GPS settings for your house to quote on the call to customer service. As Vodafone are good as supplying digital service, they are upgrading speeds in key areas. Their basic programme without the bells and whistles is giving 24Mbps for less than 20 euros a month. Where they are upgrading service they are able to offer 50Mbps for around 24 euros. Online offer is on their website. If you offer the GPS location they can tell you the status regarding service to your local area.
      • – The GPS also helps guide customer staff to say how long it takes to make the connection active. In all for me it recently took 2 full weeks, but then they were installing the upgraded cables in the area at the time.
      • – Vodafone combines the router in the modem they supply. It offers 2.4 and 5G wi fi.

      I included the fixed line info in case you changed your mind on selecting a mobile router and chose the fixed line route instead.


      Vodafone is a wise choice. I have used several providers in the past. I am happy to recommend Vodaphone from my experiences. These are free plugs for Vodafone from me.

      Just remember, sometimes it can take a bit of time to get things done in Greece. But Vodafone is usually highly responsive, even during Covid-19. In the larger towns Vodafone usually has a retail shop which are worth a visit. In fact on contracts with Vodafone you will need to go a shop to set up a credit card structure or direct debit transaction. Credit cards from overseas can be used. They do not have to be from Greek Banks.

      Hope that helps


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