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      Hello Kat

      Welcome back!

      How wonderful to hear from you. I do remember you. Your old posts are still to be found through the normal search box.

      Thank you for your comments. They are very valuable.

      Making the Forum Reconnection

      Let me say, that it is precisely from like minded folks as your goodself who have mentioned to me a few months ago,  that it would be a pity if this website were to be lost.

      It has been a rough journey, yes I made mistakes as well. But what is passed is past. Importantly the forum is still here, up to date and intact. And ranking well in the great Internet scheme of things.

      I hope you can add your voice through postings from time to time.

      It is good that your sign in and password work currently  from the “old days” too.

      Updating the back end, and content wise, running a website with all the progressive changes is a challenge too. Especially like me who is no longer a spring chicken.

      To anyone who knows me, understand well I am not a fan of Facebook. Unfortunately it seems to be THE website of choice for many.

      As a tool of the nefarious actors of the world we live in, I try to limit FB use, personally.

      Brits in Crete Forum WordPress security

      We had to move to using WordPress (WP) content management system for this website. The old YaBB system while it looked good was no longer being developed and became vulnerable to outside attacks. The move to WP has added extra layers of security for users and visitors alike of the BritsinCrete Forum.  Everything is protected as best we can from snooping eyes and other vulnerablities via the back end.

      Changes at BritsinCrete. Net

      Just to mention that the website is also going through a massive update right now, as the version used has become outdated.

      As I mentioned earlier, I hope you can continue to pop in to see us from time to time and let others know too. Again your input is most appreciated. :heart:



      PS: After reading your mention of Alex-the-Gardener, I used the search button on the home page (we will change that to every page soon) and simply put in search term:  Alex the Gardener and the outpouring in responses at that time by members was amazing.

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