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Reply To: Registering for Greek Residence

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      Thank you firstly for the informative article, my family and I are new to the site and have had a dream to move to Greece for years. We were on Crete in Milatos for a mnth and we are now on Ikaria but may come back to Crete.

      We are very conscious of the Brexit date and therefore want to get temporary residency sorted ASAP. I have several questions that I need answers to so if you cannot answer but recommend an immigration expert that would be helpful. But, if you can then great.

      1. We are a couple with 15 year old twins, do we need to have 4000 euros for my wife and I only or do we need to have these funds for the kids too?

      2 If we get temporary residency do the kids get it by default or do we need to take them to the Police Station too to be present when completing the form?

      3. You mentioned some places accept the EHIC card, if they don’t can you recommend a well priced insurance so we can get the residency sorted?

      4. Once you have temporary residency are there a certain amount of days you need to be in Greece each year or does the permit elapse?

      5. Is it enough to have a 3 month rental agreement on a property to gain the temporary residency as we haven’t purchased anywhere as yet?

      As an aside we went to the police station in Evdilos on Ikaria to state our intentions and they said have we had our passport stamped, we said no as it wasn’t. The police officer just said well if we don’t know when you came then stay as long as you like. This made us both smile but isn’t the answer long term, we do love the Greek attitude though.


      Any help will be gratefully accepted as entering the Greek bureacratic system feels somewhat daunting.

      Thanks in advance

      Nathan :good:

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