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Reply To: Registering for Greek Residence

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      Hello Nathan

      Welcome to the forum and thank you for contacting us.

      Thank you for your posting. Both messages received. Did you refresh the page after posting the first time?  And remember to click the save button under a post, often out of sight, off screen.

      It sounds like you met a typical and friendly police officer at #Evdilos police station. But does that station issue residence permits? What I have posted in the BritsinCrete Forum is regarding one of the four prefectures in the region of #Crete. Even for Crete island region I understand there are one or two quirky variations between the four prefectures too.

      I have learned: The Greek system is as daunting as you make it to be.

      Making your Greek Residence Permit Application in Ikaria?

      As you are on Ikaria, and you hold a passport of an EU country ( I am assuming UK and below retirement Age) I would try to get in touch with the officer in charge of the foreign community for that area. You know ‘the guy all the foreigners need to speak to’ on matters like residency. There on Ikaria, you may have a tighter or looser set of criteria that person has for issuing an initial residence permit to what I have described for our Prefecture.

      If I were you I would consider to see that person asap and listen to their requirements. My experiences locally have been that where we need to apply is at the main police station in our prefecture at the town of Agios Nikolaos – the regional administrative centre, where the right police person in charge of security is located.  The question would be: is the main police station on Ikaria at Agios Kirykos where the regional government offices are located? And, where maybe you need to present yourselves. If so, there would be no harm to getting there and talking to the officer handling foreigners, now would there?

      If you are facing ‘issues’, I have always found that getting a lawyer involved for advice is not going to cost an arm and a leg like it is in UK. That is what I would suggest. Find out from local Greeks (better still, if you can find some English folk there who have gone through the residency application process) and if there is a lawyer who speaks good English and handles this kind of matter?

      This is not Legal Advice but Practical Considerations and approach.

      I have to state clearly I am not a lawyer. What I mention here is based on experience and knowledge gained from living in Greece, and on Crete, for a while:

      Practical Approach to Moving Forward

      YOU ASKED —

      1. We are a couple with 15 year old twins, do we need to have 4000 euros for my wife and I only or do we need to have these funds for the kids too?

      MY RESPONSE: Get advice but I would think, yes, as they have their own passports. Applying as a family unit probably has flexibility. 

      2 If we get temporary residency do the kids get it by default or do we need to take them to the Police Station too, to be present when completing the form?

      MY RESPONSE: AS Above

      3. You mentioned some places accept the EHIC card, if they don’t can you recommend a well priced insurance so we can get the residency sorted?

      MY RESPONSE: The EHIC until DEC31,2020 is sufficient I do believe, or should be to fit the health criteria. Private health insurance in Greece seems to be just so expensive and unbelievable for the average person.

      4. Once you have temporary residency are there a certain amount of days you need to be in Greece each year or does the permit elapse?

      MY RESPONSE: Without seeing the current police manual, I believe it is something like no more than 6 months away in a two year period before losing the status on the first permit to be issued which is 5 years.

      5. Is it enough to have a 3 month rental agreement on a property to gain the temporary residency as we haven’t purchased anywhere as yet?

      MY RESPONSE: What is critical is this: at the police station if you present a three month rental agreement does it satisfy the required “three month residency” required to apply for a permit. Maybe it is? You see what I mean about flexibility of the police person handling your application.

      I hope you are treating all this with a matter of top priority if you plan to stay in Greece. Getting residence after Dec 31, is going to be much more difficult.

      Have you been into Facebook to find any connections in Ikaria?

      Finally. So you are in #Ikaria. It really makes sense to pursue the resident application process there, as you are in situe and time is so short to get things done in a practical manner. It costs you nothing but time. Make sure you have your EHIC cards for all the family.

      Hope that is helpful too…

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