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Reply To: Registering for Greek Residence

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      Good evening.

      Arrived in Greece this trip on 10.10 by ferry.  This will not satisfy the already here for 3 months requirement. But we were here for over 5 months last winter, leaving at the start of March. I have all the ferry bookings, but no rental contract for that period as we were in a motorhome.   Do you think the police station will accept last winter as being here for 3 months?

      We have a 6 month rental now which has been done through the accountant. However, Vryses has asked for the electricity bill. This is not in my name, but that of the landlady.   Do you think this will be acceptable?

      I know people have not had to present this evidence at a different police station … do we have to use Vryses?

      Madly, we have birth cert, marriage cert all apostille stamped, land registry to show we own uk properties, pension statements, medical insuranceetc … but they don’t want to see any of this. Sigh!

      I hope you can advise … desperate to make our permanent home here.



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