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Reply To: Registering for Greek Residence

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      Hello Katherine @ clunegapyears

      Welcome to the forum.

      As I mentioned to the ‘badger family’ and you have picked up on it, it seems every police station can have a slightly different attitude to the question of the conditions of issuing the beige residence permit.  The one question that family were asked was simply: why do they need a permit? Because before, the system was very relaxed in Greece for EU nationals. In the course of daily life it was not necessary to prove residence until you need to do something official with the bureaucracy like buying a car.

      A “ΥΠΕΥΘΥΝΗ ΔΗΛΩΣΗ” may be helpful

      Anyway, remember the Greek year is January 1st – Dec 31st. So time in Greece this past winter ‘may’ count. But I am not in a position to give advice, I am not a lawyer. But you have an accountant. For an electricity bill issue, ask the accountant to speak to your landlady, state the problem of the electricity bill and ask her to sign a legal declaration “ΥΠΕΥΘΥΝΗ ΔΗΛΩΣΗ” that you rent the property and that she pays the electricity on your behalf and you re-imburse her. You would need a receipt to attach to the ΥΠΕΥΘΥΝΗ ΔΗΛΩΣΗ as well. The landlady would have sign a copy of a paid bill and sign it as part of the declaration too. THIS IS ONLY A SUGGESTION FROM ME. If all else is proving a challenge then get help from a lawyer. They do not cost an arm and a leg as in the UK. So if you run into difficulties talk to one. It may just stop heartache and worry.

      Usually, as an EU national you are supposed to apply for the residence permit  when you have stayed in Greece over 3 months.   I think what the police want to know is that you are able to support yourselves and that you are serious that  you wish to live in Greece, and that you are not being opportunists.  If the local police are sticklers by going by the book, then you need, I feel, to contact a local lawyer as I suggested, or even a local Greek you may know with some influence to liaise with the police. Your accountant is unlikely to do this on professional grounds.

      EHIC or Private Health Insurance

      Something else you may not be aware of. It is my understanding that as long as you have healthcare provision in the form of the EHIC card and for a private healthcare policy that is issued within an EU country that ‘should’ be enough proof  you are covered. (Just hope you do not need to translate the policy document into Greek). As you know all ’emergency treatment’ for EU nationals is without charge. Of course that changes for Brits on January 1, 2021.

      Choice of Crete Police Station

      It is usually the case you have to apply in the regional area where you have an address as shown on the rental agreement. Best to get along with the police station officer you have already made contact with. From our local mayor, the town council is incredbly keen to ‘keep’ the British residents ‘to stay’ after Brexit and not through bureaucracy force them out. It is recognised the British community is an economic force in the local economy of Crete. Good luck with the application for the residence permit application.

      Hope that is somewhat helpful

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