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Reply To: Temporary residency before 31 December? Permit and staying on Crete worries

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      Hello Louise

      Indeed welcome.

      Greece Is A Place – Who You Know Counts Most in Officialdom

      Greece as you know is a person to person place. It is really is all about who you know and if they have any sway with local officals “to smooth the way”.

      Start the process now. Don’t delay as Brexit definitely happens at 0100hrs on January 1, 2021, Greek time.

      If you have good Greek contacts on Gavdos, well it is so small everyone knows everyone. You could well help your cause this way, as you have been on the island for a while already.

      Gut Feelings

      I would befriend the local police guy in any event, if you haven’t already, and with local Greek support. Gavdos is its own municipality, but very small (only 150 or so inhabitants). With only one police you need to ask if he/she can issue a residence permit or you must go elsewhere to a main police station, likely to be somewhere in the Chania Prefecture of which Gavdos is a part. (You may have asked already as you mention going to Chania city? of Prefecture?). I suggest you ask for contact details and find out which papers they seek to support an application for the beige coloured first residence permit (Άδεια παραμονής – in Greek). These are only assumptions on my part. If you know the local police person then he/she can be most helpful in supporting your application, if you must go off the island. Maybe your Gavdos person CAN issue the permit. Then it should be much easier. I simply am not familiar with the situations on Gavdos. As every police station handling applications have their own attitudes to applications in addition to what the law says. There can be mutual flexibility. What I can tell you is that local mayors are encouraging Brits to stay in situe post Brexit. Why? We have been a major contribution and a boost to the local economies around the island. Do you know your local mayor?

      Finding solutions in the Greek residence permit process

      I have outlined in other recent residence application enquiries in this forum (such as here), to state how you can get around the rental issues and utility bills. Showing financial staus via UK accounts is good enough, for now. Please read those other forum threads. They are useful and relevant.

      How to Use a Sworn Affadavit Solution

      The use of a sworn affadavit, in Greek – ΥΠΕΥΘΥΝΗ ΔΗΛΩΣΗ can overcome obstacles. If your landlady was to agree she could sign one of these affadavits that you are in agreement for 3months?? That she has paid the utilities and you have reimbursed her. In such a document you basically make statements that are subject to legal proceedings if not true. Until Dec31, 2020 the EHIC is enough to cover health insurance at the time of your residence application.

      Other Potential Resources

      You asked about help via agencies. In Crete it can be via a local lawyer familiar with residency issues.  They are not anywhere as expensive as UK. I would see what is possible and get advice. First brief meeting should be without charge. If there is a KEP office (similar to the Citizens Advice Bureau in UK) on Gavdos?

      Here is an extreme thought: If you are facing real headwinds with your enquiries: can you get in touch with the owner/operator of the local radio station to get advice from his Greek listeners or call for their support in what you are doing? Just a thought anyway.

      What About Local British Resident Connections?

      Are there any other Brits there you can talk to about this matter, and their experiences?

      There is a small British community in Paleohora that may be a good place to look for contacts: such as in FB Paleohora, a Group?

      The only information about the June 30th, 2021 date I have confirmed is the need to convert from the current paper residence permit to a new biometric one.

      Please start the process without delay. Do not wait until December 6 (the date you mentioned?) as December 31, 2020 is it. That is the last day Britain is in the EU and we will have Brexited completely at 11pm GMT.

      Using Protocol Number to your Advantage

      I wish you well for your application for an initial 5 year residence permit (Άδεια παραμονής) from Gavdos. My words are not to be construed as advice as I am not qualified to do so. Just experiences I am aware of in these matters. May I suggest, while Crete is laid back, this is not the time to do so in your case. I agree it is going to be an uncertain time after mid-December until mid January for getting anything concluded. Final thought. All government processes are governed by a protocol number (your file). Make sure if you apply very late to get one from the police. The reason is your application will still be valid after Brexit deadline (in this case) until a decision is made in your application for residency. This applies across all government transactions, unless otherwise stipulated – to my knowledge.

      Hope that helps.



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