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Reply To: Temporary residency before 31 December? Permit and staying on Crete worries

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      Hi Gerald

      I can’t thank you enough for that incredibly thorough and helpful post which has lifted my spirits! Some Greek friends don’t seem very hopeful, but it’s worth trying otherwise I definitely have no chance.

      Do you happen to have any links I can read regarding the showing of finances as proof that you can support yourself? I tried a search but the results seem to be getting garbled on my tablet.

      I will see if the landlady will sign an Affadavit when she returns, though she is late returning and I’m not sure she will, though the local policeman knows how long I’ve been here after I had to report my bag missing on my first day (thankfully I got it back!). Is the Affadavit something I need to request from a lawyer?

      Unfortunately, there’s no KEP office here – theres very little indeed! However, I’ll have a look for some other offices.

      I have heard that opening a Greek bank account is a challenge. Does it have to be fully Greek, or is it possible to use an international one like HSBC? I have read some info that suggests you need a birth certificate as well as a passport so I hope that’s not the case as no clue where in the UK it is.

      I have emailed a couple of lawyers to see what I need to arrange an AFM and if they can do it for me to save me travelling to Chania for this and then again for a bank account appointment.

      To my knowledge, theres no other Brits here, though I do belong to a few Crete FB groups.

      I’m self employed but only started my business in this tax year so no tax returns. For simplicity, I wonder if it’s better to state I’m unemployed for now since I’m not currently bringing in income and don’t know if I’ll keep the business up as I’m on a break. Perhaps instead I can just close it in the UK when my tax return is due, or register here if I succeed with the application.

      Thanks again Gerald – your thoughts are very much appreciated! :yahoo:


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