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Reply To: Crete – Brexit Breakthrough Swapping UK -for Greek Driving licenses

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      Reminder: Act Now to Convert Your British License to a Greek One

      While it appears there have been technical issues with the driving licence conversion process in recent weeks at the Greek Ministry of Transport,  application backlogs should have been cleared and the procedures under way.

      They have cleared the backlog in Lassithi, according to the British Vice Consul in Heraklion.

      Full lockdown extended to January 7th across the whole of Greece!

      Allowing for the interruptions in staff working routines due to the lockdown now in place until January 7th, which is the day after the Epiphany public holiday on January 6th, 2021, the British Consulate in Heraklion urges those wishing to convert to a Greek license and have the requisite and correct documentation, to get your application in to your local K.E.P. office or Minstry of Transport licencing office in your prefecture’s Nomarxia. When you do, ensure you obtain the file number for your application (protocol number)! This is in case of further hiccups and processing does not happen until January for some reason or other. You will not then be affected by the Brexit final day and the UK is completely outside the Union.

      I have no need to remind everyone that the final time and date of the full #Brexit from the European Union is at 2300hrs UK Time, Midnight Central European Time on December 31, 2020 and at 0100hrs (Greek time) on January 1, 2021!

      Having written that fact, a cautionary note – and to to my understanding, an official announcement has yet to be made from the Police as to the status of a British driving licences by non-resident, visitors to Greece next year and beyond. Will an international driving licence be needed, or not? When we get clarification it will appear in the BritsinCrete Forum.

      In the meantime, good luck with all those applying for the conversion of licences due to Brexit. Please remember, during the period from Xmas 2020 until January 7th, traditionally normal activities slow down considerably across the Greek Government in the regions.



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