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Reply To: Thinking of relocating – any ideas?

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      Potential Life in Crete These Days for an Anglo German Retiree

      Hello Muffin (Charles)

      Welcome to the forum.

      Not too much I can advise you except based on my experiences recently, with the Greek bureaucracy, I think you will need to lean on the German side in your Anglo German papers you may have, not just your Deutsche Passport. I mention this because the EU countries are applying seriously the way they handle Brits, post-Brexit. That is because UK is now outside ‘the club’ and is regarded as a ‘third country’. You may be asked to give German supporting documents rather than the British ones if you apply for a residence permit?

      Some random thoughts of Living in Crete today

      Yes, life is very tough on Crete, even before “το lockdown”, it was getting very difficult.

      Sorry to say, foreigners need to come to Greece with their practical hats on, and not their wishful thinking. For instance, retirees (over 65) cannot work.
      The government bureaucrats take this seriously. This is unsurprising with the huge unemployment rate.

      Reality now on Crete:

      • – rents are cheap and hugely negotiable. I know several older Germans who come to Crete each summer and  rent clean and basic hotel accommodation on the fringes of resort areas under E600 a month. Private home rentals between 200-400 euros per month.  Just remember if you come as a retiree to Greece and stay over 3 months you need to apply for a residence permit.
      • – You will find supermarket shopping to be continuing good value, if you stick to basics comparing to Hamburg.
      • – Your health cover (EHIC) needs to be up to date. Here is another thought: If on a German passport you may find you need to prove the German issued version of the EHIC, as a possible requirement.

      Anyway,  bottom line as always, check with your German friends and relatives who stay in Greece what are the requirements for getting residence permit these days. It just seems that the easy-going Greeks, are now tightening up on all regulations. Just my impression.

      Wish you well in seeking a happier life in Crete. You say you know the place well, then I think it would be a good idea to lean on your friends and contacts who are on the island to give their input and for you to be self sufficient when you do come.

      There are several german language forums for their community in Crete either on FB or elsewhere.

      Random thoughts and ideas for your potential retirement life in Crete these Days wearing your Anglo German hat.

      Hope that helps


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