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Reply To: Retirement in Crete NOW

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      Good morning Jane 57 and Adamski T

      It is good to see such enthusiasm for retirement in Crete. Hope you had obtained your Greek residence permits before December 31, 2020 and to convert before June 30, 2021 to the new aliens (no, not from outer space) non EU nationals’ biometric permit. Otherwise, please put in perspective however the requirements to take up long term stay in Greece, post Brexit. The bureaucracy, if challenging before, is still in place, and some.

      Do your own research, as much as possible

      Other recent articles cover this topic thoroughly in this website. You could start here. :wacko:

      I am not trying to put a damper on enthusiasm, but in this cranky world we are living in today, things are what they are and we have to persist to achieve our objective – long term staying in Greece.

      You no longer can just hop on a plane and nip over to a Greek island… well you can, but you will know the difference between pre-Brexit and now when you arrive at airport immigration.

      This site covers so many related topics, just do your own research in here, using the search function.

      I appreciate you finding our Brits in Crete Forum and hope you find the way to enjoy the best of retirement in Crete.

      By the way, as I write it is beautiful today. Check out the weather in Chania  Prefecture, including Kalives!

      Hope that is helpful




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