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      Hello Lynda and Mick

      Welcome as new members to the forum.

      Private Health Insurance does not have to Cost and Arm and a Leg in Greece

      Your insurance question for applying for a residence permit, I will answer after mentioning the following.

      I am sure you know the procedure is now very different if you are British who wishes to live their dream and to come and live longer than 3 months in Greece or any other part of the EU (except Ireland). There is the need to apply for the visa first from the Greek Embassy in London etc. See other threads in this website covering others’ experiences.

      Once on Greek soil, it is really difficult without residence permits to negotiate the system. Simple needs such as opening a Greek bank account are now next to impossible. That is what I understand. If you are on top of all this information , that is great.

      Regarding private insurance for residence permit purposes. If you have an EHIC card for Europe that is a good start to cover health. The back up private insurance which can satisfy our local #Crete officials are from three insurers that will not cost an arm and a leg. As you are also aware, full private healthcare plans can cost 200 euros a month and up. I will send you a private e-mail listing three Greek insurers offering services for a single payment well under 150 euros a year.

      If other members need such information that suffices on Crete (maybe elsewhere in Greece too) then just post a message to say you are interested and I will reply privately too.

      Hope that helps




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