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Reply To: Retirement in Crete NOW

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      Hi Yvie

      Spookily, I am also NHS (24 years), looking to retire to Crete next year with my wife. We can’t afford to buy a property (and would be wary anyway, some expat friends have finally sold after much drama and time), so we too are looking at a national d visa.

      One word of advice regarding the motorhome plan. Crete is notoriously expensive to import vehicles. Some German friends brought a Renault Espace over 2 years ago. The police finally caught him, and he had to get rid of the car because he couldn’t afford the duty. He couldn’t sell it because he couldn’t register it, so he ended up giving it to a local garage to break for parts.

      You have probably already looked into this, but forewarned is forearmed.

      All the best with your move, and maybe meet up in a seaside bar this time next year!




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