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      Let me re-iterate, but now in 2022 however that times continue to be difficult for websites that act as forums. I do not know the circumstances of why the LivinginCrete Forum is having difficulties, if they are. But to mention that the BritsinCrete Forum has indeed been under a barrage of Denial of Service attacks (too many automatic attempts to access a website causing an overload in a website and takes the site down).

      Our tech advisor says that since the Ukraine crisis started an unprecedented number of attempts to sign in and log on have taken place. When they succeeded it was one side of the war fighting online against the other. Hence why we have had to suspend all new memberships. This said regular members and visitors should not be affected. Although, having said that we have had to shut the site down for clearance of all the spam and logs that clog up our available bandwidth supplied by the host server company that enable our presence online.

      I am very sorry to hear the difficulties of the other site. Like everything in Crete things will resolve themselves over time, I am sure and I wish them well. But it is very time consuming and hits the piggy bank to keep sites functional.

      In my opinion and in general, we have allowed too many tech geeks to innovate online far too quickly that the rest of us find difficult to keep up. I am re-assured that even the younger adults are also now echoing these sentiments too.

      Thanks for your perseverance and for your visit.


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