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Reply To: Children safety – pools beaches – Balconies adults

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      If the beach is deserted do not assume that the flags have been updated!

      I also fail to see the relevance of mentioning lifeguards. People need to take responsibility for their own and their childrens safety and not rely on total strangers to save them.

      Herby & Brian, Thanks for your responses.

      Herby good point re the Flags

      Fair comment ref Life Guards,      had not intended it to be for people to think Life Guards should take responsible for their children or themselves

      The first link I provided in the OP was to a very recent/current fatal pool accident to a Toddler.  Condolences to the family/friends.

      The 2nd link was an accident 5 years ago in late October.

      Not sure believe it involved 6 children & 6 adults.  Something happened with the children

      "The waters around the rock where they go to swim… it’s relatively calm but they have very strong winds, very strong currents.”

      Four adults had fatalities all children were saved.  The forth adult was a German Tourist.

      At the time reading the article I dismissed it as people not taking care.
      It was later pointed out to me, that two children were orphaned and another two lost a parent & the repercussions around that for the children & their relatives/friends would be permanent.

      Neither incident happened in Greece / Crete.

      For my own self, in my life I have had close calls. I got left behind at school the Care Taker took me home.  Once I lost my younger sister & her friend in the park, they were found safely.  On a beach in Crete that I was unfamiliar with, when lying sun-bathing, my lilo got blown away & out to sea quickly.   At the time saw the winds and sea, so took it as luck, I was not laying in the sea on it.

      I certainly would be more vigilant with children and water.

      I sometimes noticed with groups, that at least one of the adults would take it in turns to distance themselves from the group each day solely to keep watch un-distracted.

      Unfortunately some people on holiday can get distracted.

      There are different Rules in Greece to private and public pools.  When I say public I am including pools provided by hotels & other complexes

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