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Reply To: Electricity Bill and DEI Website

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      Just wondering how did you get along with your DEH problem?

      Re:Cut off electricity supply to your #Crete residence.

      Just to say, while there is a policy about length of time to cut off. DEH does not like to have their stretched staff running all over the place for nothing. After all they need to physically come to your home location to disconnect. They also in their meter reading exercise (once a quarter) the staff readers can and do often chat to neighbours to ascertain what any problem maybe.
      That in itself can be helpful. In other words never p*** off the neighbours.

      I think what you know and appreciate with #Greece, is that once something is set up, NEVER NEVER change it for whatever reason without knowing the new replacement action works as it did before any change. 

      So is the lesson to never do something on the computer on a whim?

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