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Reply To: Free to enter Fantasy Football League for Brits in Crete

Les Bunker
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      Hi guys!

      It has always been my intention to set up a fantasy league this year for ex-pat footy fans living in Crete – including myself, located in Tavronitis – even if only for the benefit of friends & neighbours from my own locality.

      So this I have done, quite independent of the BRITSINCRETE FORUM and without any association or connection to this forum site. I use the term "Brits in Crete" as a descriptive adjective of a generic group of people for whom the league is primarily founded.

      However, in searching for ways to make more ex-pats than I already know aware of the league’s existence in order that the game may expand and improve from additional entries – anything from posting ads in mini-market windows, posting on friends face book pages and signing up to other Cretan based social networks – I have coincidentally stumbled upon a site (this one) which uses the same collective adjective to describe its primary audience. Hardly a surprise really. I haven’t stolen the name from this forum, moreover, by the very nature of the term, it can hardly infringe any copyright surely!

      I wanted to join this forum (along with my wife) to create the opportunity for increased social interaction with other ex-pats living in Crete just like us. I also saw the introduction of a fantasy football experience, available to anyone wishing to partake in it, as a social opportunity for all concerned and in a way was offering this to your forum’s members in return for my registration.

      I included this intention on my registration application, which was accepted, so assumed that the admin team accepted the proposal as a worthwhile addition to the forum’s existing calendar of socially interactive events and viewed it as something that could benefit any existing members who would wish to participate.

      There is no profit to be made from this venture. It is a free to enter fun activity for those amongst us who enjoy such games.

      I do hope that this explanation will now enable everyone to view my post in a different light.

      Very best regards to all.


      Les Bunker.

      Note: For the sake of grammatical accuracy I realise that I
      should have said "Brits in Crete" is a COLLECTIVE NOUN which refers to a generic group (paragraph 2) or a primary audience (paragraph 3)

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