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      I was "racially abused" as a kid because I was an English born twelve year old entering a new country school (outside Aberdeen) in 1966 and worse still, I had a slight Canadian twang!  We were all white, we all had the same British culture as our background but I was perceived as different and an incomer.  I was beaten up on several occasions and it wasn’t until I began to fight back that the bullying stopped.

      I’ve lived in Scotland for most of my life i.e. apart from my first three years of life in Yorkshire and two years in Canada when ten.  I was educated in Scotland, worked in Scotland, married a Scottish lass, had two Scottish born sons and wonder why even now, at fifty eight, I’m so pro English?

      The reason is simple, I’d been racially stereotyped from an early age – but more particularly from the age of twelve having spent two years in Canada – and still despair at the anti English feeling above the border.  (I’m equally concerned about the sectarianism that still abounds in certain quarters across in the West of the country but that’s a different subject.)

      A number of Scots see baiting the English as a bit of fun but when they call an Englishman an ‘effing Sassenach bastard’ and their tone is threatening –


      1765–75;  < Scots Gaelic Sasunnach, Irish Sasanach English, English  person, Protestant, MIr Saxanach,  derivative of Saxain, Sagsuin, Sachsain  the Saxons, England, Late Latin Saxon[ch275]s; see Saxon

      – are they saying anything less insulting or racist than John Terry’s tirade at Anton Ferdinand? 

      The word ‘sassenach’ is used as an insult by a number of (not all) Scots and to put its true meaning into perspective it’s akin to calling someone from Pakistan a Paki!  If that is considered a racial slur then why not sassenach?


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