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      In a recent call to DWP in UK, I addressed the question of why it takes so long to get mail physically ‘out’ when a front line representative in a call says they will mail the requested document off immediately. Then I asked for the definition of ‘immediately’.

      I was flabbergasted to find out that it can take up to 8-10 days for physical mail to be actually ‘mailed’. That length of time they said could be because of public holidays such as Easter and Christmas intervening. "Yeh?" what about if the number of working staff who have to print off the document is increased? And revert to a manual system and reinstate office boys and give ’em roller skates.

      There you go. Get that sorted and probably the resulting overall efficiency will be a good 10%. That is right after you have trained up a) what office boys have to do, and b) further train them how to use skates. Er sorry, on second thoughts there may be a blip through increased costs for training but then year on year efficiency may well exceed 10%.

      It all needs a bit of creative thinking. Any one got three pennies worth to throw in?

      What ho jeeves… just another day in dealing with DWP.

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