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      595B53534D340 wrote: You are writing about a subject you are IGNORANT of; Please stop it, as it is most offensive.


      You may not like what I have to say but your rudeness has only served to show up your own ignorance, rather than mine.

      Margaret Thatcher gave her personal approval to secret talks between government officials and the IRA leadership in 1990, setting in a train a dialogue which led to the Northern Ireland peace process which she now regularly denounces

      You might also like to know that Willie Whitelaw, initially whilst a member of the Heath Government and later a Minister in the Thatcher Government, had been having talks with the IRA since 1972.

      As for the IRA always giving coded warnings.  You might like to ask Johnathan Ball and Tim Parry’s parents about the warning given on the day they were murdered.  The coded message said a bomb had been planted in Liverpool when in fact it exploded in Warrington.

      You might also like to give some thought to the bomb that exploded in Omagh killing 29 people as well as an unborn baby, planted by the Real IRA, and how the coded warning, according to the RUC, herded the innocents towards and not away from the explostion.

      As for the IRA welcoming the British Army, again you are wrong.  The Catholic population initially welcomed the British Army, not the IRA, but after the Bloody Sunday massacre the support for the Army dropped away.  The fanatics i.e. the Irish Republican Army have never, ever, wanted the British Army in Ireland, particularly after the Black and Tans and the British Army caused such pain and death at the beginning of the 20th century.

      With all due respect, I don’t think I’m the ignorant person here!


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