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      5350524F434B4554200 wrote: Okay
      Let me get this straight, we are not looking for a summer camp!
      We are both middle aged, never thought it would catch up that quickly  >:( , no mortgage and no real ties here.
      rent somewhere in a central location for three months to explore the Island.

      we invested in Crete i.e cost of flights, taxis, boarding kennel, accomodation etc.
      So to us it kind of makes sense financially to move there rent a car on long term .
      Ricky & Cath

      On the basis of you going to Crete for 3 months, think about taking a car with you. Many UK insurance companies will give 3 months cover for Europe within the 12 month insurance. Know there is one that will give it for 12 months, but presume it to be very expensive – no idea.

      This will mean you can take more luggage than the 15 to max 30 you can take by flight, that being a combination of suitcase & hand luggage, that seems to vary in total between the various airlines. Not sure if you mean to take your dog(s) with you or leave in a kennel in UK.
      You are allowed to keep your UK car in Greece for 6 months providing you have the relevant insurance, paid UK road tax & MOT (make sure you have a long MOT, close to 12 months, as sometimes plans change). I believe most European countries you are allowed to keep it for 6 months, so you don’t have to count your travelling time between Greece & UK for part of the 6 months.

      There are other threads on here about various routes, places to stay/eat, & points of interest if you have the time to stop and sight-see – be a shame on route not to stop at the odd place to sight see.

      Shopping on route both directions can be worthwhile, as prices do vary from country to country, eg we go to one of those Large Giant Supermarkets in France (not near UK) have lunch there as good canteen, check out the whole place walk quickly – then make our list after discussing what we can fit in the car.

      All the above said, much would depend on whether you have a car now, if not, then the other option to rent one on Crete long term, you would probably get a good rate.
      In that regard, many of the companies that rent cars in the summer, take them off the road, so as not to pay the insurance for the winter, so if you start the negotiation in the summer months, that company will know to keep a car for you insured in the winter. There are companies that still have cars in the winter but not as many.

      Good Luck to you both

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