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      0B302F3B2D3633333A2D5F0 wrote: Ricky Travis’s comments may be offensive to some but we should  also be mindful that he has the right of free speech. 

      From what I read in the UK press, Britain is becoming controlled by the thought police. Several recent court convictions reinforce that opinion. (How do you get a criminal record for posting “You let your father down, you know that don’t you.” On an athlete’s Twitter page?)

      Perhaps Robertson, like many others, thinks that free speech is only allowed if you agree with him/her!

      He/she may well be happy with the current policy but how long will it be before it is a criminal offence to criticize the government or the EU? You may trust the current lot but who knows who the next lot will be or those after them. It is the start of a very slippery slope!

      By the way, Ricky said:
      "Sharia is a barbaric cult…..Islam is not a peaceful religion"
      I agree with those statements, does that make me a racist?

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