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      2724263B373F3120540 wrote: But it is of late that I find this forum to be lacking in any humour whatsoever ……….is the slightest bit of wit or banter here been abandoned ? ………. people moved to Crete to escape the misery of the blight which is affecting Blighty only to continue their ultimate quest for misery elsewhere……… I joined this forum for advice, to have some fun, meet people etc. ……..But please will someone just f**king smile !!!!!!!! >:(

      So Ricky is correct then!

      A simple “Hi” is taken as an open invitation to attack his political views which he did not even mention!

      Jon attacked Ricky for his political views on his Facebook page, he then cut & pasted comments he had made on another petition site and attacked those. Then went on to defend the right of free speech!!!!

      Maybe Ricky was foolish to disclose his Facebook page but who gave anyone the right to cut & paste his material and defame him on this site? Does every member have to agree with Jon’s political views before they can post here?

      Please remember that the price of free speech is that we sometimes have to put up with views we find offensive.

      Ricky is right, people need to lighten up!

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