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      Yes Moggy I saw these postings but I included the petition that is STILL being added to and now stands at over 166,000 signatures.  If people think it was unfair for the likes of me and millions of other women born in the 50’s, having to find out that my pension age was moved firstly to 65 from 60, then from 65 to 66 years all within an unacceptably short space of time, then you can sign the petition.  The women campaigning are asking for a fair transitional period for us, nothing else, so that we can make proper provision for our retirement. 

      We were not formally written to about these changes in both instances. When asked about this the DWP said that they placed adverts in woman’s magazines and newspapers but. when asked by the campaigners to provide that information, they said that it would cost the department £600 to look it up and therefore wasn’t willing to spend that sort of money!! 

      Because woman were not made aware, they have made financial decisions for their retirement e.g. early retirement at work, taken redundancy packages etc. thinking that they would be retiring and are now finding themselves claiming JSA and trying to get back into the workplace at age 60 upwards! 

      The other strange outcome is that people born in the same year are not able to claim their pensions in the same years but instead are sometimes claiming them up to 18 months apart.  An example is my sister-in-law was born in May 1954 and I was born in October 1954.  She receives her SRP in November 2019 but I have to wait until October 2020 for mine. 

      Just for the record the WASPI campaigners (Women Against State Pension Inequality) have made a spreadsheet working out the cost to women by having their retirement dates moved twice and I will lose £36,000, despite having worked all my life and paid a full 40 years’ NICs – is that fair?      
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