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Reply To: New Dam outside Chania

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      Will they ever fill up ? One would hope someone has done there homework and this is not lip service to the need to conserve water supplies and to keep people in work ?
      But, do we really have enough rain for this to be viable ? I would love to see a nice expanse of water on a generally dry island but I have my doubts, they have of course got to finish them first.
      We have in our area a water channel that comes down from high ground and in the five years we have been here it has actually had water flowing do[ch373]n it 4 times and for 24hrs.
      I assume the ground forming the reservoir will have to become completely water logged so as not to lose the water through natural wastage as do all our cess pits we never have to empty because they have not and could not realisically fit a membrane. now those of us with pools, when the sun comes out how often do we have to fill them with copious amounts of water to counter the evaporation? We have about a month of rainfall in five ‘ winter ‘ months but seven months of sun ?
      I would really love to be proved wrong because the amount of money they have spent laying a large water supply pipe from the reservoir over here for 20klms with its numerous access roads and pumping starions is frightening and has probably cost a much as the dam itself and are losing two villages so I am told.
      If I wore a hat I’d offer to eat it but I don’t but I will happily post a very sincere apology to all those involved if it works.

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