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Reply To: new new tax

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      675C4357415A5F5F5641330 wrote:

      Why get on your high horse (idiom) when someone simply tries to be helpful?

      I’m sure the ever changing tax situation across here is a worry to many and if someone wants to pass on their experience(s) then surely that is a good thing?

      I am sure that the tax situation is a worry to many. However, are their worries lessened or increased by reading posts that cannot be verified and no one has provided a link to this so called new new tax legislation? I am sure alfred e neuman was trying to be helpful but, my opinion only, what he said was not helpful. As far as I am aware, from reading the Greek newspapers, this land tax is only one of many proposals which have yet to be verified by parliament. I suggest that speculation is useless until the final decisions have been made.

      675C4357415A5F5F5641330 wrote:
      ps Brits sometimes do use the word "electric" in place of electricity. You might like to check the link below to the Free Online Dictionary…………………….What’s more, electricity is also referred to as the "Leccy" in some parts of the country.

      People use all sorts of slang terms to describe things and people but that does not make them good grammar or good English.

      Lastly, why, yet again, have you resorted to personal insults?

      Alfred e,
      As a Greek with an English partner, I try to be helpful to others.

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