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Reply To: new new tax

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      people seem to be confusing the two taxes.
      there is a special tax on homes and other possessions, pools cars planes etc. worth over a certain amount, this is a yearly tax.

      I do not pay this.

      then there is a property duty which is paid with your Electricity bill in five installments, everyone pays this and the amount is determined by your homes square meterage and your zone area price.

      I have not heard of any other tax.

      the Government are trying to consolidate the system because many people did not pay the duty or their bills and the PPC lost revenue.
      the PPC also do not wish to be used as the collector for this duty even though they already collect the ERT payment plus the amounts we pay to our local Demos each month.

      as alfred e neuman says he is inly trying to help spread the "news" about a "new new tax" , but wires seem to have got crossed somewhere maybe it was lost in translation

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