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Reply To: Perfect plot of land in Xerosterni for sale

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      Been out to Crete again recently and pleased to see our favourite tavernas thriving. After conversations with the estate agent and lawyer it seems that land sales and values are still quite low and that the recession has seen a glut of lots of smaller cheaper plots for sale. We still want to sell this lovely secluded part of Apokoronus , but it is obviously not going to happen at this price at this moment in time and we are hoping it will recover in a few years. We are putting the price down for a quick sale now to £150K,(please pm me for more details) and if our situation changes in that time we may re-think and build on it after all, as we will have lost so much money it won’t be worth selling any lower. :-/ We are still not desperate to sell, thankfully!
      It is still as lovely as when we bought it but it is getting a bit overgrown now. Have been advised to leave until the end of the summer to strim down (as some of it might die down anyway) but if anyone has any ideas of who could do this for us and at what price (its nearly 6000sqmts) then let me know.

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