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      0D243C272E384B0 wrote: Thank you for suggesting that it’s "up to me to make it happen" when it comes to selling my house – please send me your detailed theory of how that works, I’d be very interested.

      A friend of mine in England made it happen. He had a small terrace house in Guildford. It was not an especially desirable property; the area was not good and it was not a good time to sell.

      He made it happen by creating a web page on which he put lots of photos and extolled the virtue of the house features. He stressed that he really didn’t want to sell but circumstances forced him to.

      Within three days he had two potential buyers actually bidding against each other and the house sold two months later for substantially more than the "offers around" price!

      I saved his web page – unfortunately without images – and you can download it here:

      BTW the £/€ trend is upwards. It has been creeping gradually higher during the last year, with occasional dips (such as now). However, I predict that it’s heading towards €1.50 to the GBP so don’t delay.

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