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Reply To: Property Prices

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      Observations about your comments:

      – I sometimes think we live on different planets based on your comments over the years but we are on the same Crete. I am very happy and contented. And you?

      – Selling your home is not about wishful thinking (your reference to keeping fingers crossed). If you were determined to sell your current home on Crete, it is up to you make it happen.

      – Why are you keeping an eye on the £pound to  €euro exchange rate? Because no one knows what the exchange rate will be six-weeks to three months after your sale, when you receive the proceeds – let alone tomorrow’s rate. In any event you can protect yourself against future currency swings for a small fee. The bottom line is you have yet to sell your property.

      If your first reaction to my comments is negative then perhaps glimpse my signature at the end of this post. Life is too short to huff and puff as you appear to do about other’s opinions which are just as valid. 

      I wish you well with your house sale.


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