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Reply To: Property Prices

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      Silverback – I think I answered your original question comprehensively and as good as agreed with you, that because of the difference between the Euro/Sterling rate, this could mean that a house purchase made 10 years ago, may not have lost as much of it’s value as at first it may seem, as long as it continues to reduce from the 1.51 rate back then.
      You can probably see that I do get annoyed with people that don’t actually try to answer your question but instead make assumptions and start telling you what you should and should not do, can and cannot achieve, which is totally irrelevant!

      You asked a question and because it is very relevant to me and other people that have their house on the market, I answered it and understood what you were getting at.

      I also hold the same view as you regarding the exchange rate, which makes a huge difference to people who bought in 2006.

      Have a nice day!

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