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      Gerald I am not huffing and puffing but answering Silverback with a much more relevant answer than yours and others!

      He doesn’t want to know about the "Greek view" and nowhere in his query does he mention this so why are you suggesting something that he’s just not interested in?

      He was trying to get over to the audience that selling with the lower Euro rate than 1.51, which was the rate that he bought at, would even out some of the reduction in property price fall over the last 10 years, so pray tell me what good your preaching about the Greek way does, to help him?

      Thank you for suggesting that it’s "up to me to make it happen" when it comes to selling my house – please send me your detailed theory of how that works, I’d be very interested. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I’ve had several viewings and the law of averages means that eventually I will get a sale, it’s got nothing to do with me making it happen! I don’t know what you mean saying "if you were determined to sell your current home" – how do you know what my levels of determination have been? I never said that I would know what the rate was if I made a sale did I? I said that if the rate kept on falling against the pound this would make a huge difference to anybody selling in Euros and exchanging back to sterling. I also don’t know what you are talking about when you mention people’s opinions – because this is not about opinions but the relevance of answers when people ask something son this website. I knew who I was writing back to Gerald and it makes no difference to me because the information I have given stands.

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