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Reply To: Property Prices

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      Del Boy – are you an estate agent? A house is worth what a buyer is prepared to pay for it in ANY country, not just "here".

      You know nothing about my house, how bit it is what price bracket it falls into, how much I paid to have it built or what it is on the market for now – so how do you know that there is going to be no profit in it for me when I sell it?

      I never said that I was "hoping and waiting" for the rate to even out – I was merely comparing what the rate was against the Euro rate 10 years ago and stating that each 1 cent fall against the pound, would make a huge difference on a large sum of money, i.e. sale of a property, if lucky enough to sell.

      I have had 6 viewings since mid July with one on Saturday and one today. One couple have made an appointment for a second viewing, which sounds promising.

      Just because you haven’t sold your property, it doesn’t mean that nobody has a chance of selling theirs and as I said before there have been several sales in this area over the season – there is money out there and people are buying – albeit the housing market is down generally, with the exception of the Lassithi area where sales are doing well. I managed an estate agency in the UK and so I like to keep my ear to the ground when it comes to property, even if it is in another country.

      I was rude to Gerald because if you read his posting he was rather rude to me. He has no idea what I have done to try and sell my property and guess what? I’m not going to tell him, it’s not his business – but then to say that I just haven’t tried "my best" is nothing but an insult.

      If nothing else this thread has awakened the dead!

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