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Reply To: Rather dim BBC Crete feature

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      I have a Mac and watched it with no problems

      I run Windows 7 but with a triple boot Lion Mac iOSX and Linux ubunto I pick and choose what. Even using Windows 7 my PC is setup to run as a high end iMac OS. I want Flash well yes is integral really for any OS if you know what you are doing regardless, my rubbish mobile runs flash and jave apps no problem just no how to tweak it (also have mac snow leopard on a separate 500GB external hard drive but haven’t got round to playing with it yet) I’m not advertising (admin) but I am a highly skilled techie if you need help ask no charge I love what I do ! I have a computer, that when I switch it on, It does what I ask it to do and then I go and have a coffee ::)

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